Link-It™ Manage Properties is an extension to CAD system that makes it possible to manage all product item and CAD document attributes in one intelligent Data Form. Manage Properties guides the designer to define product data according to the design rules and terminology of your company. Manage Properties can be connected with your company’s current data management systems like ERP, PDM, and PLM to streamline complicated design processes.


Link-It™ Publish Documents is a publishing tool for CAD applications. It can process multiple CAD documents in one run, with advanced publishing method features for printing and file exporting. If you wish to automate routine design tasks, Publish Documents can be connected with your company’s current data management systems such as ERP, PDM, and PLM.

Link-It™ Manage BOM is an extension to Manage Properties application. It allows you to manage item and BOM (Bill of Materials) data conveniently through the CAD drawing’s bill of materials. Manage BOM checks and corrects data, thereby improving overall data quality.
If you wish to automate routine design tasks, Manage BOM can be connected with your company’s current data management systems such as ERP, PDM, and PLM.


Configurable: The Manage Properties data form is fully adaptable to meet the needs of company specific rules and processes.
Integrable: The Manage Properties data form can link with business system solutions such as ERP, PDM, and PLM.
Extensive support: Manage Properties is available for most popular CAD systems: Pro/ENGINEER, Creo Elements/Pro, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, and AutoCAD.


• Speeds up and simplifies design work
• Manages data quality at an early stage
• Improves the traceability of product data between different systems
• Automates time-consuming and error-prone routine tasks
• Standardizes and streamlines design processes
• Reduces the need for complicated engineering instructions


Link-It Manage Properties is integrated into CAD system’s user interface. The data entered into the form is stored in the CAD file. Manage Properties fully supports each CAD system’s native way to manage attribute data and part families inside the CAD file. In a multi CAD environment, one generic Manage Properties setup will link with multiple CAD systems, while fully utilizing their existing attributes as well as document and report templates.


Create new attributes to CAD document
Remove disused attributes from CAD document
Copy and join attribute values in CAD document
Copy attributes between CAD model and drawing
Link CAD attribute with model’s color definition
Link CAD attribute with model’s material definition
Link CAD attribute with model’s weight definition
Link CAD attribute with CAD document filename